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CSA Update :: Double Extra Update

Well it happened. I miscommunicated- or more accurately I failed to communicated adequately. My wife says failures to communicate are at the heart of 95% of all problems that occur within relationships but I don't listen to her.

Creekside Farms will be at Two Leaves And A Bud on Tuesday to meet those of you who pick up at that location. Next Tuesday they will be at the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm on Atando Road to meet those of you who pick up there. In the future everyone will be able to order from them regardless of pick up location. It's also worth mentioning that Creekside Farms sells their meat at the Piedmont Farmers Market on Saturday, Monday and Thursday. More information about times and locations by clicking here. We're trying to make it easy by having your meat/eggs/cheese in the box when you pick it up but the good news is that there is great tasting, chemically-free meat available in Cabarrus County throughout the week.

This Tuesday those of you picking up at the Lomax Farm on Atando Rd will be introduced to Four Acres Farms. I am going to use the description of their farm written up my Christy Shi and Know Your Farms in coordination with the Bost family.

Four Acres Farm :: Debbie and Marvin Bost

Farming has been part of the Bost's lives for as long as they can remember. Debbie's father is a veterinarian and always had sheep, goats and horses at her house. Marvin’s father and grandfather farmed hay and beef cattle so he grew up around the farm.

Originally, Marvin and his father had 4 acres of land in the town of Mt.Pleasant with a barn, chickens, ponies and cows. When the town eliminated farm animals within the town limits, the name moved to the current farm which is a Century Farm. Marvin inherited his farm from his maternal grandmother Bessie Moose Eudy.

Debbie and Marvin love the land and the animals. They feel that God has blessed them and it’s their right and obligation to provide food for others.

The Bost's do not farm full-time. They use several high school students to help whenever needed, like when baling hay.

Four Acres Farm has all kinds of animals including sheep, pigs, goats, beef cattle, chickens, guineas, pea fowl, turkeys, mules, donkeys, and horses. The Bosts provide educational school tours and love being able to share their animals with children that have very few opportunities to come in contact with farm animals.

The farm has received 1996 Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation Farm Family of the Year award and is designated as a Century Farm with North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

The Bost's long-term vision for their farm includes continuing to provide farm tours and meat to residents in their communities.
Sheep / Goat

There are 15 sheep and about 35 goats on the farm. The sheep come from reputable breeders in the Southeast, mainly Penn State’s sheep flock and from Jeremy Etzler in Ohio. They purchase sheep at 6-18 months old or raise them ourselves from their own ewes. They purchase goats the same age from reputable breeders in NC.

The sheep and goats are on pasture all the time. They have shelter from storms and during nighttime if they desire. Usually they sleep in the pasture under the stars. Besides grass, twice a week they get some whole corn and oats.

These animals are only given antibiotics when required for an infection and then they are removed from the group and not harvested for food. The animals are never given hormones, steroids, or growth promoters.

You can read more about Four Acres Farm by clicking here.

OK this is Aaron typing again. I have been to Four Acres Farm. I have eaten delicious beef, goat and lamb given to me by the Bost family. I was *thoroughly* impressed by the taste and by the care with which they raise their animals. I can call my dog and he will come running (sometimes). Debbie Bost can call her cows and they will travel over several acres to come and see her. The picture above is one I took while visiting her farm- of a cow and her day old calf.

The Bost Family can tell you more about what they have to offer and how you can buy meat raised responsibly right here in Cabarrus County. They will be at the Lomax Farm this Tuesday and at Two Leaves and Bud next week.

Sorry for any confusion.

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Please forgive any mispellings as this post was typed with a three old on lap.

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