Tuesday, May 5, 2009


tractor at sunset

We've gotten rain twice since the fields were turned under, including more than 1/4 of an inch last night. More could fall today and tomorrow. The rain speeds the process of decomposition going on now that we've plowed the cover crop into the ground. We're waiting until at least Thursday to plant, maybe slightly longer if we end up getting a lot more rain.

I sent out the first of the weekly emails to CSA members that will help us coordinated during the growing season. It was more work than I expected getting all those email addresses organized. I also ordered more squash and zucchini seed. For squash we'll be growing: Sunray, Multipik, Gentry, Sunburst and Flying Saucer. For Zucchini it will be Castata Romanesco (these will be coming on late) Raven and Meteor.

In the greenhouse things look good except for flea beetles on the eggplant. I hate flea beetles. They show up each spring and that's one of the reasons for waiting to put out eggplant until later in the season. Evetually the flea beetles will die out and the eggplant will recover and go on to produce.

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