Saturday, May 2, 2009

Corn, Beans & Compost Tea

This week we planted corn and some bush beans. We're growing Brocade and Silver Queen Corn. We're growing several types of beans but on Wednesday we planted Blue Lake Bush Beans. The links go to Johnny's Select Seed which is where we're buying most of our seed for this season. We're also buying from Seeds of Change, Bountiful Gardens and few others.

We continued to move tomatoes, eggplants and peppers into larger containers. It was hot in the greenhouse this week!

We also brewed a 50 gallon batch of compost tea for our spring vegetables already in the field.

I put together the email update list this morning. Those of you who are members of Cold Water Creek Farms 2009 will be receiving updates via email starting this week. Some of the information contained in those updates will be posted here as well but some of it will be coordination information for members and suggestions, recipe, concerns, etc. among only members. Coordinating with the people interested in buying food from our farm is work in and of itself!

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